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Custom Fittings

Tony Custom Fitting

Your clubs should be fit to your swing – not your swing to the clubs.  Tony’s Club House Custom Golf Shop can help to build your very own set of clubs, made specific to your game.

Using techniques and tools, he can determine the optimal club head design, shaft material, flex, length, lie and grip size to maximize the performance of your set. Speak with Tony Porter to set up a club fitting session designed to have you hitting the ball straighter, farther and with consistently lower scores.

Dynamic Club Fitting: $50.00 @ hour

Retro Fitting Your Current Clubs:

Do you have current golf clubs that are not performing as well as you would like? Why not have Tony retro fit them to ensure the proper shaft, length, lie, and grip to best suit your swing.


Tony’s teaching philosophy begins with the fundamentals of grip, alignment, stance and posture, and ball position. As much as each person’s swing has some uniqueness, every swing will need good fundamentals to provide a foundation to the swing and swing movement.

Beginner Golf Lessons : $ 50.00 @ hour 

Tony Golf Lessons

Repairs and Alterations

Do you have a broken club or maybe you need your lie and loft angles adjusted or a fresh set of grips?  We can handle any repairs or alterations you may require. If you would like to schedule a club fitting or have an inquiry for Tony, please contact him directly.

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“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated”. – Arnold Palmer