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Tommy Armour Women’s TA1 Fairway Woods


Reach par 5s like a pro. New for 2018 and exclusive to GolfWorks Canada. Driven by design, the Tommy Armour TA1 Fairway Wood delivers the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness. Designed in partnership with Designworks – a BMW Group Company – the TA1 Driver features a premium, DAT 55g Titanium Cup Face construction to elevate ball speeds across the face. The lightweight Carbon Fiber Crown features built-in Surface Disruptors to maximize club head speed and distance. Tungsten sole weighting optimizes MOI and CG placement for superior forgiveness.

Category: Fairway Woods, Tommy Armour Golf Clubs

Multi-Material Design

  • DISTANCE: Maraging Steel face material with a Cup Face design provides faster ball speeds on impacts across the face for longer distance
  • ACCURACY: Lightweight Carbon Fiber crown construction combines with a Tungsten sole weight to lower Center of Gravity placement and raise MOI for more forgiveness
  • SPEED: Surface Disruptors designed into the crown reduce aerodynamic drag, which results in faster club head speed and longer distance
  • Cast 8-1-1 Titanium body construction maximizes stability for performance and consistency


  • Engineered to equip golfers with the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness in 1 fairway wood
  • Designed in partnership with Designworks – a BMW Group Company – for unmistakable quality
  • Sleek, contrasting crown with alignment cues enables unmatched accuracy and confidence
  • Lamkin UTx Grip enables optimal grip security in all conditions

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver TiNi Graphite Shaft Features:

  • Premium elastic Titanium Nickel (TiNi) wire allows energy to be loaded and unloaded with greater efficiency
  • Extra strength in the tip section allows for tighter shot dispersion, even for players with higher swing speeds
  • Low Resin Content (L.R.C.) Prepeg with up to 15% more carbon fiber and 13% less resin than traditional prepegs
  • L.R.C. creates a higher density of carbon fibers without adding weight for added strength and enhanced feel
  • Variable Torque System optimizes performance by targeting shaft torque and frequency for fine-tuned conditioning

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