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Tommy Armour Impact No. 1 Putter


Blade: Traditional head shape with a plumber neck hosel. Toe balanced design, suited for players with an arced putting stroke. Elevate your performance on the green with the Tommy Armour Impact Series Blade Putter. Suited for golfers with an arced stroke type, this traditional blade putter features a toe balanced design and perimeter weighting for unmatched control. A multi-compound insert combines high grade 6061 aluminum with elastomer backing for outstanding feel and feedback. Precision milling across the entire face ensures consistent contact and roll on impacts across the face.

Category: Putters, Tommy Armour Golf Clubs


  • 6061 Aluminum Face Insert delivers optimal speed and sound for more reliable feedback
  • Elastomer insert behind the face provides enhanced feel and response on every putt
  • Precision milling across the entire face allows for consistent contact and roll
  • Premium Black PVD finish with white and copper accents for a signature look
  • Available in 2 shaft options: Chrome and Black PVD.
  • Premium Winn Midsize Medalist putter grip

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