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Tommy Armour GXT Blade Wedges


Classic blade head shape and sole offer a traditional look and feel for maximum player feedback and playability. Offered in Black and Chrome finishes

Category: Tommy Armour Golf Clubs, Wedges


  • Sole features trailing edge relief for maximum playability, versatility and performance from all lies
  • High quality precision milling across the face maximizes surface roughness for optimal spin
  • 21 CNC milled face grooves – 4 more than most wedges – enables more groove edges to contact the golf ball for increased spin
  • Premium Black PVD finish limits glare and creates a clean aesthetic for confidence at address
  • Classic Chrome finish creates timeless style and streamlined visuals at address for consistency
  • Steel shaft option -True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft helps golfers with a faster swing maximize control
  • Lamkin UTX Grip enhances all-weather control while ensuring grip comfort

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