PuttOUT Pressure Putt Training Aid

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The Pressure Putt Trainer Features:

  • Scientifically Designed Parabolic Curve
  • Rejects Missed Putts & Holds Perfect Putts
  • Real Sized Hole Target & Micro-Target
  • Product size: Folded – Length 21cm / Width 11cm / Height 3cm
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The scientifically designed PuttOUT training aid simulates real playing conditions to help you improve your putting skills. The scientifically designed parabolic curve features a white rubber target which is the exact size of a real hole. This curve also auto returns your ball on good putts, rejects missed putts and holds on to any puts that deemed to be perfect to give you instant feedback on your short game. The difficulty can be increased a level by clicking on the disc on the curve to open up a mini-target which requires your aiming skills and just the right amount of pace.


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