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Maxfli U-Fli Soft (12 Pack)


Command control on scoring shots while playing UFli Soft Golf Balls. Maxfli’s softest golf ball features an ultra-low, 35-compression dual core design to deliver remarkably soft feel on shots from the tee to the green. An interior mantle layer optimizes spin rates and heightens ball speeds for longer carry and unprecedented distance. The player-preferred urethane cover with a Quasi-Cuboctahedron 318 dimple pattern enables more consistent flight.

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SKU: MXB0015
Category: Golf Balls


  • Ultra-low, 35-compression dual core delivers an exceptionally soft feel on shots from tee to green
  • Interior mantle layer reduces spin rates and encourages higher ball speeds to provide longer carry
  • Urethane cover maximizes greenside performance without sacrificing ultra-soft feel
  • Quasi-Cuboctahedron 318-dimple pattern creates high surface coverage for consistent flight
  • 4-piece ball strikes a balance between distance, feel and control
  • Conforms to USGA regulations

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